Rev. Sam Olumoyegun


pastor Sam

Rev. Sam Olumoyegun

Serving Overseer/Senior Pastor

Reverend Samuel Olumoyegun is a lover and disciple of Jesus Christ, a passionate believer in discipleship, a church-serving, people-loving and Bible-preaching pastor.

A Pastor’s Kid (PK), Rev. Samuel Olumoyegun was born in the Western part of Nigeria. West Africa. He was raised by his parents who mentored and trained him in various aspects of ministry. He also learnt a lot about ministry through observation of his parents as they both served the Lord from town to town and state to state. Without knowing that there was already a covenant existing between his mum and the Lord over him, Rev. Samuel could not understand why he so loved the Lord and was always finding himself serving the Lord and wanting to know more. In 1984, he gave his life to Jesus Christ as His personal Lord and Saviour. It was after this experience that God encountered him and confirmed the call to ministry upon his life. In 1990, he travelled to the United Kingdom to settle down. Rev. Samuel is a graduate of the University of Roehampton, London, where he studied for his first degree in Theology (Ministerial Theology). He is also currently studying for his Master’s degree in Theology & Religious Studies at the same university, and which is due to end in 2018. He also intend to pursue ministerial training to the doctorate level. Rev. Samuel is blessed by God with the anointing to teach God’s Word in a clear and simple manner. His overriding desire is to help believers come to knowledge of the Son of God, Jesus Christ and to realise their destiny by understanding the vicarious humanity and ministry of Christ, as well as their union with Christ and its implication in their daily living. The life goal of Rev. Samuel guard and proclaim the unchanging Truth in a changing world and to help believers develop a passionate hunger for the Word of God. He is very down to earth and also a regular blogger on social media. He is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ and seeks for opportunity to share the gospel anywhere God opens the door for him. Rev. Samuel is happily married to his wife, Rev. Kathryn Olajumoke. They have been married for almost 27 years and have three children; Zoe, Faith-Jordan, and Gideon. The Lord has just blessed them with a grandson called Zion.